Orchestra III

Hannah Vander Wilt - Orchestra
Richland Community Center (location map)
Thursday, 3:00 PM - 3:50 PM
09/19/19 - 04/30/20 (26 weeks)


2:00 - 3:50  Orchestra III (Experience Required)

Materials Fee:  $20

Class Description: In this orchestra, advancing strings students can continue building skills on the violin, viola, or cello and get valuable experience playing in a group. We will refine our expression, tone, and rhythm skills. Following the director's cues and other performance skills will be taught through pieces in a variety of musical styles. Students are responsible for having an instrument and case, rosin, pencil and a thin 3-ring binder or folder, and music stand. A shoulder rest is suggested for violin and viola players. Private or small-group lessons outside of this class not required but are helpful to many.

Experience required: student should be able to play in a variety of key signatures (at least F/C/G/D/A), be confident with rhythms that include sixteenth notes, ties and syncopation, do some basic position shifting, and ideally have a basic vibrato skill. Auditions for this group will be held in the fall. Orchestra III members will be encouraged to attend a few Orch II rehearsals per month if possible in order to get more musical experience and help out our developing younger players (no tuition charge for Orch II attendance).

NOTE:  Some wind and percussion instruments* comfortable with sharp and natural key signatures may be able to participate, by audition.

*instruments encouraged to inquire are flute, oboe, bassoon, euphonium bass clef, and percussion/xylophone