Heather Hull Hart - Choir, Early Childhood Music
Richland Community Center (location map)
Thursday, 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM
09/19/19 - 04/30/20 (26 weeks)

11:00 - 11:50  CHOIR II (Ages 12+) (Prerequisite)

Class Material Fee:  $29 

Class Description:  [Pre-requisite: a minimum of 1 year choir experience or 6 months private voice lessons]  For ages 12 and up:  This choir will develop and grow from Choir I, exploring more challenging music and theory, as well as more advanced vocal techniques.  They will also learn a variety of songs from different genres, and prepare music for performances.  The love of singing is maintained and nurtured in this choir as students review AND learn new material on the following:  reading and sight-reading music notes and rhythm, music theory, solid vocal techniques, solfege (do, re, mi), music games, choreography, and more.  Instructor Heather Hull Hart continues to seek and provide a good variety of music for their music education and edification.  This is an all-year class.  Fall and Winter have a focus on holiday music, as well as classical, folk, and world music.  Spring season will focus more on "show choir" music and choreography, with a focus on family-friendly pop, movie and/or musical theatre songs.  [Minimum class size:  12]